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Caleb Davis is the Director and Executive Producer of the Daytime Emmy Nominated  series, Tough Love. He can also be referred to as the Black Robert Rodriguez considering the number of hats he wears while producing a project. For this series, along with the aforementioned roles, Caleb served as the editor, director of photography, camera operator, location manager and production designer. He worked extremely hard to properly bring the vision to life.


Caleb received a Masters in Film from Kingston University in London. He has filmed all over the UK, as well as France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Southeast Asia and West Africa. He has also worked on production teams putting together projects for CBS, Bravo, Oxygen, Air France, Cosmopolitan, the Food Network, and more. Caleb is currently Director of Branded Content at Faze Clan, the world's largest E-Sports company. 


Caleb received another Daytime Emmy Nomination this year for the music composition in their digital series, Pillow Talk. 

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Networks & Clients

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